The author, Rachel Scott Everett, at Women’s March RVA in Richmond, Virginia, January 20, 2018. Photo by EVERGIB.

Women's March: March for One, March for All

An imperfect open letter calling us to embrace the differences that bring us together.

As the second anniversary of the Women’s March approaches, let us remember that like our country, our reasons for marching are diverse, multi-faceted and personal. Hats or no hats, let us welcome each other with open arms and march, not only for ourselves, but for everyone trying to move this country forward.

Let us march for the equity, justice and empowerment of all women.

Let us march for women of color who continue to fight a racist, oppressive system.

Let us march for Muslim women who are consistently under religious persecution.

Let us march for immigrants and people of all ethnicities who face discrimination.

Let us march for members of the LGBTQIA community who confront heterosexism and genderism.

Let us march for the poor and marginalized who struggle to be seen and heard.

Let us march for people with disabilities who are forced to adapt to a world slow to adapt to them.

Let us march for the elderly who are often forgotten, honoring the wisdom they bring to society.

Let us march for the men who are allies in our fight, helping us reach an audience we likely cannot.

Let us march for the children who shouldn’t have to carry the same burden in the future.

Let us march for those who are apathetic, that we may ignite a fire within.

Let us march for the sad, the angry, the hopeless and the hopeful.

Let us march for those who don’t know they should be marching with us.

Let us march for those new to activism and those following in the footsteps of their ancestors.

Let us march for those who want to know more and those affirming what they already know.

Let us march for those looking to inform themselves and those looking to inform an entire generation.

Let us march for so much more.

Above all, let us march in a way that others will want to follow. Educate in a way that people will want to learn. Raise awareness in a way that inspires a stranger to champion your cause as their own; and in turn, their cause becomes yours.

Let us march with less assumption and more empathy. Let us march with a mind as open as our heart. Let us march with the knowledge that while progress is slow, the only way we keep moving ahead is by putting one foot in front of the other.

Yes, we are different people marching for different reasons. But let us agree that we are marching to achieve the same goal: a more equitable world where all women are treated equally. Our stories may be complex, but our desired outcome is simple.

Let us march, in solidarity, for a better world.

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Rachel Everett

Rachel Scott Everett is co-founder and creative director at EVERGIB, a nomadic creative studio specializing in strategically led advertising and branding. A champion of big ideas and the power of storytelling, Rachel believes creativity can be used as a force for good to improve the world we live in.