Thank you for considering a partnership with EVERGIB.

As a team with 15 years of experience, we strive to make work as enjoyable as it is productive. We’re passionate about helping agencies achieve their business goals and pride ourselves on a strong work ethic and hands-on approach to create work that is smart, thoughtful and beautiful.

Below is a breakdown of our process and pricing. Please let us know if you have any questions or wish to discuss further. We look forward to creating amazing work together.

Rachel + Brian


Our Process

As soon as there is a potential project, please reach out to check our availability. If free, we block out dates for up to one week while logistics are being sorted. When the project is a go, we send you our Creative Services Agreement which establishes our working relationship, and a Scope of Work which outlines the specific deliverables needed and a general timeline. For communications, we make ourselves available via email, phone, Slack and video conferencing such as Zoom.



Our Pricing

Pricing is dependent on the type of project and scope of work which falls into the following categories: Day Rate, Project Fee and Long-Term Engagement.


A day rate is applied when the scope of work and deliverables are fluid and difficult to predict. This arrangement reserves our availability so we’re able to dedicate 100% of our time to your project needs and adapt as necessary. A day rate is typically used for new business pitches, accelerated time frames and when extra (wo)manpower is needed, as outlined below:

Estimated Costs:
• Day Rate $2,000

New Business Pitch

When your agency doesn’t have the resources or bandwidth, we step in as lead creative team either working directly with management and account, or under the supervision of a creative director. We typically work remotely from our creative studio, but depending on availability and project needs, can travel to work on-site.

Accelerated Time Frame

When your project is constrained by an immediate deadline, we work with you to assess what’s doable and makes the most strategic sense to pursue. In these instances, the ability to adapt and pivot is essential. We make sure we act efficiently while also coming up with effective solutions.

Extra (Wo)manpower

When your agency needs additional thinking or doing, we’re able to come in at any stage of the process. Whether you require more high-level concepting such as campaign territories and brand positioning, or execution of specific deliverables such as layouts or scripts, we fill in the gaps to ensure a complete presentation where every detail has been thought through.


A project fee is applied when the scope of work and deliverables are more clearly defined. This arrangement is typically used for projects with a more flexible timeline. Instead of daily check-ins, there may be key dates where certain objectives need to be met. A project fee can be used for initiatives in branding and advertising, or for specific deliverables, as outlined below.


If you need to launch your client’s brand (or rebrand) into the world, we can assist with all aspects of branding and come in at any stage of the process. Our branding deliverables are priced per phase:

Estimated Costs:
• Brand Strategy $15,000
• Logo & Visual Identity $15,000
• Story & Messaging $15,000
• Website Design $25,000
• Marketing Materials priced per item and scope of work (print, digital, social)
• Consulting $300/hour


If you have an existing client that needs a new ad campaign, we can create an integrated approach to the work or execute against a defined scope. Our advertising deliverables are broken into two phases:

Phase 1:
High-level thinking for initial client sell-in. Pricing is dependent on the number of campaign territories including, but not limited to: platform idea, key descriptors, insight/action, concept overview, reference inspiration, and adcept examples that explore aesthetic, messaging and potential execution.

Estimated Costs:
• 2 Territories $5,000
• 4 Territories $8,000
• 6 Territories $12,000
• 8 Territories $15,000

Phase 2:
Creative comp execution of selected campaign for final client sell-in. Pricing is dependent on deliverables needed including, but not limited to: print, digital, social, OOH, broadcast and experiential. Includes development of finished art direction including design, layout and aesthetic, and messaging including headlines, tagline and scripts. For production, see below for Long-Term Engagement.

Estimated Costs:
• Creative Comp Execution $15,000-25,000

Specific Deliverables

If you know exactly what you need, we can provide a project fee for any type of creative deliverable or adjust as necessary to work within your budget. Specific deliverables can include coming up with additional ideas, layouts, scripts, taglines, etc.


A long-term engagement is applied when your agency requires a creative team for an extended amount of time. This arrangement is beneficial when the agency is in transition, understaffed, or in need of a senior team with category experience. In this role, we act as temporary “employees” of the agency. A long-term engagement may or may not include on-site work with other team members, as well as client-facing initiatives including initial meet-and-greets, brand immersions, creative presentations and all aspects of production including pre and post.

Estimated Costs:
• 1 Month $40,000
• 2 Month $75,000
• 3 Month $110,000

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